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Robert Dujmovic
Born in Paris, 1969. I have dedicate most of my life to aiming for improvement of world justice, protection of victims of war crimes, and the most vulnerable ones - women and children. I was actively involved in work of German humanitarian organization, Senegal Hilfe Verein (SHV), with which I contributed to numerous projects, building workshop compound, water towers, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and so on. After the civil war in Balkans has ended, I went back and joined the United Nation peace-keepers. After few years of service in Croatia and Kosovo, I moved to Dili, East Timor , opening a new UN mission, where i worked in the special Court for war crimes. Paralely, with few colleagues I held several workshops related to basic health, and local community empowering leading to faster neighborhood's recovery. After 5 years, I returned to Europe and have been working for International Criminal Court for the last 8 years, mainly in the area of protection and safety of victims of war crimes.