David Gianotten 

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David Gianotten is the Managing Partner-Architect of OMA. In this role he is responsible for the management, business strategy, and growth of the company worldwide. He also oversees design and construction of various projects, including the Taipei Performing Arts Centre, the conceptual study for Feyenoord City, the CIFCO building in China, and the Prince Plaza Building in Shenzhen. In his previous role as partner-in-charge of OMA’s Hong Kong and Beijing offices and director of OMA Asia, David led the firm’s large portfolio in the Asia Pacific region. He was responsible for the recently completed Shenzhen Stock Exchange headquarters, the final stages of the CCTV headquarters in Beijing, and OMA’s conceptual masterplan for the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong. David joined OMA in 2008, launched OMA’s Hong Kong office in 2009, and became partner at OMA in 2010. Before joining OMA he was Principal Architect at SeARCH in the Netherlands. David studied architecture and construction technology at the University of Technology Eindhoven, where he is also a professor in the Architecture Design and Engineering department. (Source: http://oma.eu/partners/david-gianotten)